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Discover the secrets of the great hidden cuisine of Korea. From mild rice dishes and delicate soups, through to zesty pickled vegetables and fiery seafood stews, Korean food provides an enticing fusion of tastes and textures. With more than 10,000 printed copies sold to date, this book sets out to reveal the secrets of this great, unexplored, centuries-old culinary tradition in a way that is accessible, understandable, practical and achievable for the Western kitchen. It opens with a comprehensive introduction to the history, flavour and styles of this unique cuisine, including everything you need to know about regional and local ingredients, classic equipment and special skills and techniques. Then come the undiscovered treasures: 80 deliciously fiery, aromatic and robust recipes which form a collection which summarises the pinnacle of the classic Korean repertoire. Each recipe has a detailed ingredients list, a breakdown table of nutritional values, step-by-step failsafe cooking instructions, plus a glorious colour photograph of the finished dish. For any cook who is looking for adventure and a new challenge; who wants to unpeel the mysteries of a wonderful food culture that is a thousand years old; and who loves recipes that are rich, aromatic, spicy and robust, this is the first and only guidebook they will need to this extraordinary unexplored culinary landscape. 
Young Jin Song is an eminent and inventive restaurateur who has founded several Korean restaurants across Asia. His passion for Korean food and knowledge of international cuisine are reflected in the dishes he creates, blending authentic techniques and traditional ingredients with a fusion cooking style. With an exceptional appreciation of Korean food and a comprehensive knowledge of restaurants worldwide he brings a stimulating modern approach to classic Korean dining.

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3 december
Anness Publishing Limited

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