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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn any language and how to stay fluent after having acquired a language.

Learning a language is a complex process that has baffled learners around the world for decades. Trillions of dollars have been invested in language schools, materials, tutors, and all other means of learning a language, yet why is it that so many learners fail to confidently use their target language?

This concise guide to language learning will help you become fluent by walking you through the steps to establishing the right habits. In this book, you will come to understand the nature and elements of language. You will find out what makes it so difficult for some to learn how to understand, speak, and write, and then you will be taught how to prepare for and develop an effective language learning routine. A variety of strategies will also be provided for in detail.

There are many benefits of acquiring a second language, besides the obvious one of being able to communicate with foreigners in their mother tongue. Did you know that studies have shown that people who have learned more than one language have an improved memory, become better at focusing and are better decision-makers? Mastering a second language is also a great confidence booster and aids in self-actualization.

Passion, persistence, and the right knowledge and skills will help you learn any new language. Let this book lead the way.

In This Book You Will Discover:

– The Nature of Language and Language Learning

– The Power of Combining Different Language Theories

– How to Develop a Good Language Learning Routine

– A Collection of Different Language Learning Strategies

– How To Stay Fluent in a Language Once You've Aquired it

– Much More!

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9 augustus
Full Circle Publishing

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