Letters from the Country: From High Heels to Wellington Books. A Memoir and Survival Guide

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What happens when a city woman takes up rural roots and becomes a shepherd? Read "Letters from the Country: From High Heels to Wellington Boots. A Memoir and Survival Guide" and find out.

Journalist and broadcaster Marsha Boulton made the leap that so many urbanites only fantasize about. As more and more people today are choosing country life over city life, Marsha's experiences propel the reader into her world with hilarious consequences.

Who knew that a hair dryer could become an indispensable farm tool?

What lessons are learned when a lawyer buys a farm as a weekend retreat and then buys 10 bulls to breed his 10 cows? 

Whether in the lambing shed serving as midwife, picking two acres of pickle cucumbers or analyzing the intelligence of turkeys, Marsha's observations on her rural learning curve offer a roller coaster ride filled with bucolic wonder and genuine affection for creatures large and small.

A runaway bestseller when first published in Canada, "Letters From the Country" received the Stephen Leacock Award for Humor, prompting one of her neighbors to say: "Don't let that go to your head, girl. After all they nominated a pig named Babe for an Academy Award."

Now, for the first time in the United States and around the world, readers can revel in what one reviewer cited as "humor on the lamb."

Editorial Reviews

"If you're thinking about a move to rural digs, 'Letters From the Country' is must reading." (The Calgary Herald)

"An affectionate, humorous and personal account of a city woman's leap into life 'down on the farm' - Boulton's voice of experience makes her book a unique achievement." (David Staines, University of Ottawa)

"If nothing else, you'll know why sheep sometimes have crayon marks on their backsides - a sweet collection, sprinkled with insights about the realities of moving to the country." (The Hamilton Spectator)

"One of those rare books that will appeal to almost every reader."

(The London Free Press)

"Boulton's musings are as soft as a lamb's fleece. The 57 pieces in the collection, classified by the four seasons, capture some key elements of rural living ... Another good choice for the humor prize." (The Globe and Mail)

Reader Reviews

"This is a great book - one you cannot put down. Each chapter is a story of funny and serious antics as a woman who made a major career change. Sure to please anyone who lives in either the city or country." - Babs

This is a very pleasant book to pick up and enjoy, a chapter at a time. I am not a wannabe farmer and Marsha Boulton does not paint a perfect picture of farm life. However she does manage to convey the joys and aggravation of life in the country. I wouldn't want to live there but I would certainly like to visit. (As long as I don't need to deal with the sheep!) - Teacher Suzanne

"This is one of my comfort books. When I'm feeling down or out of sorts, I take refuge in a hot bath with this book. The book is a collection of stories written by a woman who moves from the big city (the 'big smoke' as her country neighbors call it) to a farm. The stories are arranged by season and there are a good variety of topics. The writing is light but very competently written nonetheless. - John

Journalist and broadcaster Marsha Boulton - big city woman - moves to the country and becomes a shepherd. She never dreamed she would do this and how it came about is enjoyable and funny. - Helen

"Love the short tales which allow me to read a few chapters before bedtime. I live in a rural area and can identify with the stories in this book." - Patricia

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