Level-Up Goal Setting: How You Can Become a Better Version of Yourself in 30 Days or Less by Setting Goals

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Discover How to Set Meaningful Goals and Produce Real Results

Are you ready to take your goals setting to the next level? We all have dreams and aspirations, but what are you doing about it? A dream without a goal is merely a wish. Whatever your ambitions are, they can be reached by properly setting goals and making plans to achieve it. Do you know the special secret to achieving goals? If not, you will continue to get the same results.

It doesn't matter what your ambitions are. If you are like many others, you may want to lose weight, increase sales, improve relationships, and be happier, but these are vague goals. Let's take your aspirations and turn them into specific and manageable tasks that YOU CAN AND WILL ACHIEVE!

>>Tired of fruitless goals that you soon abandon?
How many times have you set a goal and abandoned it? How many times have you created a goal and never made it to the finish line? There is no need to beat yourself up about this. The problem is not what you think it is. Find out why most people abandon their goals and what you can do about it.

Every person alive has the power and ability inside them to make their dreams come true. You just have to know how to unleash your full potential. You see, it's not our goals that fail us. It is due to lack of planning and implementation. Set yourself up for success and learn to to stack the deck in your favor.

The bottom line is that YOU want results. This book is straight to the point, no B.S., and easy to read.

>> Finally Revealed: The #1 Secret to Goal Setting
We will dissect your goal step-by-step and uncover all the moving parts. There is much more to a goal than just taking action. You will learn about the #1 factor that determines whether you achieve your goal or not. Find out why this one thing has such a powerful impact on your performance and what you can do to increase it!

Do you have the right mindset to achieve your goal? Find out the psychological aspects of accomplishing goals. Changing the way you think can drastically affect the results you are getting. With a few simple tricks, you can start increasing your results immediately!

Download Now: Level-Up Goal Setting - How to Become a Better Version of Yourself in 30 Days or Less

"Level-Up Goal Setting" will take your goal setting to the next level. Inside you will find a special blueprint for taking your ambitions and turning them into daily tasks that are manageable and attainable. Inside this book you will learn:

-Why goals are important
-The power of now
-The importance of planning and dreaming
-Dissecting your goal: Create a SMART goal
-The real reason why people abandon their goals
-Divide and conquer: Making a goal manageable
-Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
-Measuring progress and increasing wins
-Weekly review and keeping score
-How to deal with "bad guys" and adversity
-Combating and dealing with stress
-How to create support systems and accountability
-How beliefs, affirmations, and self-talk affect your actions
-Why accountability increases your odds
-Pain vs. pleasure

Also includes special "Level-Up Challenges" to give you an extra boost and build momentum.
These are specially hand-picked activities designed to help you level-up certain areas in your life and produce real results.

>>Are you ready to "level-up" your goal setting?
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