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Brian Adelbard MacKenna - former submarine captain; life-long knight-errant who fought to preserve civilization through the horrors of the Collapse; Admiral of earth's tiny space fleet during the Contact Crisis - dead man. His skills were desperately needed to face a crisis beyond anything the Concord could cope with, so the Ic'nichi brought him back from the dead. What they expected was a slick finesse move that would counter the overwhelming power of the mysterious alien attackers. What they got was a man haunted by seventy-five years of bloody nightmares who knew every trick in the book, who would play their game his way, and who wouldn't quit - no matter what.

The Ic'nichi - Human Chronicles take a dark new turn in this, the Second History Of The Interstellar Concord. The time is twenty years and beyond the events of the First History. Relations between the Ic'nichi and humans are fairly stable, but now both races face new challenges from beyond the stars. A human colony is under attack by aliens with awesome firepower. Fearing their advanced technology, the Ic'nichi bring the human Admiral Brian MacKenna, who commanded earth's tiny space fleet during the Contact Crisis, back from the dead. His mission: to save the defenseless colony which is being systematically destroyed. His chances for success: zero. His probable reward: to disappear as mysteriously as he arrived.

Trapped by his deeply ingrained sense of duty, hapless pawn of interstellar intrigue, and doubting his own identity, Mac is grimly determined to save the colonists rather than have their destruction on his conscience. His only weapons: seventy-five years of combat experience, and his own desperation.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
December 27
Robert A Boyd

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