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Maggie’s Cycle is a book built of a composite of situational circumstance of people caught up in systemic racial confinement, deprivation, and castigation. Maggie’s Cycle ends with Carol who is the young granddaughter of Maggie living in Philadelphia PA. Carol is doing things in the 1913 that are much like her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Maggie’s Cycle covers four generations in about 100 years of matriarchal family leadership structure. These women repeatedly rely upon their physical appearances and sexual appeal as a way to solve all of their problems. Maggie’s Cycle gives the reader a play by play description of many intimate details kind of as a way to show the extent to which these characters went to reduce all of their problems of racial discrimination, lack of money, lack of opportunity, and whatever else into solvability by sex. Maggie’s Cycle is an academic argument but written in a way that makes it unlikely to be used in classrooms. However, this book tries to logically tell a story as it comes to the Author and he leaves readers and professors to decide if they can learn or teach with this book. This book with its vivid sexual descriptions is much like another book by Dr. Way that was recently released called Sunrise Sunset at East Blythewood Ranch. It is hoped that you the readers are pleased with both of these works and everyone will just enjoy them. You may let us know what you think at Spoon Book Publishing at spoonbooks1@aol.com

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28 februari
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