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Teagan Callahan is not your average young woman. She's feisty, an entrepreneur, and a witch. She's also just had a rough couple of months. First she meets a new friend, Anna Greer, who turns out to be a sorceress, those natural-born spell casters that Teagan usually despises. Then it turns out Anna is being hunted by a nasty vampire who wants to use Anna to get to Gareth MacGregor, Anna’s sexy boss who is also a vampire. In the midst of all this, she meets Noah Jacobs, the exact kind of sorcerer that she can't stand-arrogant, cocky, and entirely too good-looking. And to top it all off, that damn vampire is still after all of them.
After the healing and happiness of Anna & Gareth’s wedding, with the newlyweds gone, the respite after months of terror seem to good to be true. Which means it usually is. Teagan dreams of Padraigan, and the torture he's inflicting on an innocent girl. When Padraigan turns his attention to Teagan, she realizes this is more than a dream. Previously, she had been under Padraigan’s radar, but that good luck comes screeching to a halt in an instant. Of course, when she wakes up in Noah’s arms, she has a hard time figuring out what’s worse!
With the newlyweds safe and out of the way, Teagan and her business partner Harley reluctantly join forces with Noah and another Padraigan war veteran, Damien Stavros, to infiltrate Padraigan’s lair. Working so closely with Noah is not what Teagan bargained for, and the attraction she feels for him is something she definitely didn’t want. To make matters even more complicated, Noah insists he moves in to protect her. Tempers flare, sparks fly...but Noah still moves in.
Teagan’s emotions are a mess where Noah is concerned. Between Padraigan infiltrating her dreams and running a business, she doesn’t have time to deal with her growing attraction. Then in one disastrous night Padraigan attacks Teagan physically and Written, her beloved bookstore and home, is set on fire. Noah helps her and Harley escape to safety. There’s no doubt who the culprit is, and for Teagan, this was a declaration of war!
As everyone gathers back at Anna and Gareth’s, the war counsel is reconvened. Ideas are formed and then rejected. Teagan and Harley are anxious to get to Written and get inside to see the damage first hand, and Noah goes with them for support. Wondering what could have brought Padraigan into Teagan’s dreams to begin with, they are at a loss as to how he even found Teagan.
When a minion of Padraigan’s attacks Teagan again at Written, Teagan takes matters into her own hands. Her usual feisty nature returns with a vengeance and with everyone assembled she lays out her plan. Knowing that they are going to shoot it down, she tells them she’ll do it with or without their help. Surprisingly, the two people she thought would be solidly against the plan are the ones for it, and plans are laid for the execution.
Something goes horribly wrong, and Harley is put in danger. Still reeling from their ordeal, Noah and Teagan approach Noah’s parents for help with an ancient spell. Is it something that could help Harley or endanger her even more? Before they can find out, another skirmish with Padraigan’s minion Gemma and a ghost from the past brings more sorrow and heartache.
As the team recovers from the latest hits and mourns their losses, Harley clings to life with Damien constantly by her side. Teagan and Noah take comfort in each other, along with strength from their friends.

Romantische fictie
28 juni
Teresa Federici

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