Make Lists Not Fists: A Student Survival Guide to Stress-free Productivity

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College can be a stressful time in your life. There is so much going on - from sports to finances to shopping for food and studying - that it can be hard to keep all balls in the air and survive with your sanity in tact. If you want to get decent grades, have a good time, and keep your stress levels under control, learning how to get organised is a must. This book, written by Dutch college lecturer Dr. Ritske Rensma, will teach you all you need to know. Short, simple and written with a healthy dose of humour, it will show you how to declutter, destress, and get organised - all through the power of lists.

Topics covered include:

-How to use weekplans to remember the big stuff (your most important assignments, deadlines, and appointments) and make sure you start with important projects on time

-How to use to-do lists to remember the small stuff (smaller tasks like sending an email, bringing a book to class or buying groceries) and prioritise what is most important to work on on any given day;

-How to deal with distractions and overcome procrastination (with a special focus on handling digital distractions such as social media, Youtube and Netflix);

Inspired by time management classics such as Getting Things Done and Eat That Frog, Make Lists Not Fists will teach you a simple, effective time management system that actually works, and which hundreds of college students have already learned and put into practice with great results. Now fully updated and revised (2020).

"I am currently using this system and it's working like a charm. I am managing the work which needs to be done for my Master, I am doing several projects on the side, I have a social life and I am sleeping enough."

Amand van Rossum, Dutch college student

"It actually works. I cannot recall one more stressful moment since I started working with it."

Debby-Esmée de Vlugt, writing in student magazine Tabula Rasa.

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17 oktober
Ritske Rensma

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