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'The story reaches out and grabs you by the throat' - Dr Clare Wright, historian and author of The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

The facts are shocking. The treachery is chilling. The fallout ongoing.

This edition contains a new author note with shocking new material that has come to light as a result of the groundbreaking original publication.

Investigative journalist Frank Walker's Maralinga is a must-read true story of the abuse of our servicemen, scientists treating the Australian population as lab rats and politicians sacrificing their own people in the pursuit of power.

During the Menzies era, with the blessing of the Prime Minister, the British government exploded twelve atomic bombs on Australian soil. RAAF pilots were ordered to fly into nuclear mushroom clouds, soldiers told to walk into radioactive ground zero, sailors retrieved highly contaminated debris - none of them aware of the dangers they faced.

But the betrayal didn't end with these servicemen. Secret monitoring stations were set up around the country to measure radiation levels and a clandestine decades-long project stole bones from dead babies to see how much fallout had contaminated their bodies - their grieving parents were never told. This chilling exposé drawn from extensive research and interviews with surviving veterans reveals the betrayal of our troops and our country.

'An amazing tale – utterly gripping, it reads like a thriller' - Jon Faine, ABC Radio Melbourne

'This book will contribute to a much greater awareness and perhaps much more action on this issue'
- Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National

'Walker demonstrates powerfully why, regardless of the context in which the testing took place, the emotional legacy of Maralinga will linger in the Australian psyche, just as do Gallipoli, Bodyline and Singapore. The cost in terms of damage to health, the environment and public trust in government will remain with us for generations to come' - The Australian

'Shocking revelations…' -
Margaret Throsby, Midday Interview, ABC Classic FM

'An extraordinary story – there are things here that would make your hair stand on end'
- Philip Clark, ABC Radio Canberra

'This book should be on the school syllabus'
- Andrew O'Keefe, Weekend Sunrise

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