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K.B. and S.B. were married on June 6, 1964; they adopted M.L.B. on May 30, 1973, when she was three days old. K.B. and S.B. separated, and K.B. filed a petition for dissolution of marriage on February 2, 1978. A hearing was held on this petition before Judge Payne in the Hancock Superior Court, and K.B.s petition for dissolution was granted. During the hearing, conflicting evidence was admitted to the effect that S.B. had not shown much interest in M.L.B. until September 1977; that S.B. had sexually fondled M.L.B.; and that on occasion S.B. had shaken M.L.B. or had begun to slap her. Custody of M.L.B. was granted to K.B., and S.B. was denied visitation rights.[Footnote 1] Hefiled a petition to modify the dissolution decree on January 30, 1979, so that he could have visitation rights. On the same date, S.B. filed a motion for change of Judge. This motion was granted, and Special Judge Schrenker presided at the hearing on the petition to modify. The evidence revealed that S.B. had remarried and moved to Carmel where he lives with his wife and eleven (11) year old stepson in a two bedroom townhouse; that S.B. was less depressed; that he had not seen M.L.B. since February, 1978; that M.L.B. continued to live with her mother; that M.L.B. was happy and doing well in school. Pursuant to K.B.s request for special findings of fact and Conclusions of law, the court granted the modification on December 10, 1979, and fond as follows:

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