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Growing up in the shadows of everyone in the Rebel Guardians, Lily finds that it's hard to break free of the 'little girl' mentality that her parents, as well as her aunts and uncles, have, at least where she's concerned. Maybe it's because of the issues she's had since she was a teenager, but living under the proverbial thumb has gotten on her last nerve. Toss in a biker who has commitment issues, and she's all over the place emotionally. When her brother, Luca, asks her to come visit, she practically tosses everything into her car and takes off.

The first time he saw her, she was just a little girl. Even then her soul called to his, he watched her bloom into a beautiful, courageous woman. Maxum feels cold and dead inside… unless she's around. As she's grown and matured, his thoughts for her have changed from that of a brotherly type of love. She's no longer a gangly little girl, she's a siren, a vixen, a charmer and he's under her spell. But his past won't allow him to love her, to honor her, to give her everything her heart is all but begging him for. But things come to light, and Maxum must make a decision. It'll be the hardest one of his life. Time to face those demons and overcome the monsters that sleep under his bed.

When the past threatens the future, who will remain standing?

**Suitable for ages 18+ due to language and adult situations**

Romantische fictie
25 november
Liberty Parker

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