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Most books are written to entertain or inform. This book is written to inspire you! It is a sincere presentation of ideas that can bring value to your life. It has been said that sincerity is not the test of truth. It is possible to be sincere and be sincerely wrong. But you will find this book both a sincere and truthful presentation of life changing ideas. Ideas and information that has changed many lives and would continue to change many lives. No matter where this book finds you in your life, you will find some useful information that can inspire and completely change the direction of your life for the better. Both young people and their parents would benefit greatly from the book.

"Young people are coming into the adult world facing ever-increasing challenges ahead. The exponential pace of change in the world of work and the economy, in education, in global shifts of influence, in technology and the environment require the next generation to be both enterprising and entrepreneurial. They will need to become expert, lifelong learners. They will need to have the confidence to harness the prevalent and changing technologies. They will need to see themselves as connected global citizens, frequently reinventing themselves. To thrive in this brave new world, young people, above all else, will need to be socially confident, articulate and self-aware. They will need to aspire higher and be driven to succeed. This highly recommended book offers highly intelligent reflection around all of these themes. In it, the author presents a strong case for remaining positive and being proactive. He invites the reader to build dreams. And he offers creative strategies for their construction"

Gezondheid, lichaam en geest
8 november
Tola Adeliyi