Memories of the Golden Age of American Space Flight (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab) - Oral Histories of Managers, Engineers, and Workers (Set 2) - Including Lunney, Haney, Kleinknecht, and Kraft

(Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab) - Oral Histories of Managers, Engineers, and Workers (Set 2) - Including Lunney, Haney, Kleinknecht, and Kraft

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The fascinating oral histories of a second set of sixteen pioneers of the "golden age" of American manned spaceflight (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab)- converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - provide new insights into this extraordinary effort, with vital observations about an era of space history that changed the world. The interviews divulge new information and some long-held secrets; they are sometimes emotional, sometimes analytical, with revealing anecdotes, stories of supervisors and colleagues, hardware, and much more. Even serious space enthusiasts will find numerous "aha, I didn't know that" comments!

Contents include: Chapter 1: Glynn S. Lunney * Chapter 2: Paul P. Haney * Chapter 3: Claiborne R. Hicks * Chapter 4: James Kirby Hinson and Shirley Hunt Hinson * Chapter 5: Andrew Hobokan * Chapter 6: John D. Hodge * Chapter 7: Charles Thomas Hyle * Chapter 8: Bruce G. Jackson * Chapter 9: Caldwell C. Johnson * Chapter 10: John W. Kiker * Chapter 11: Jack Kinzler * Chapter 12: Kenneth S. Kleinknecht * Chapter 13: Wayne E. Koons * Chapter 14: Christopher C. Kraft, Jr. * Chapter 15: John B. Lee * Chapter 16: Louis Leopold.

The oral histories are the transcripts from audio-recorded, personal interviews with many who pioneered outer space and the Moon, and with those who continue the excitement of space exploration. To preserve the integrity of the audio record, the texts are presented with limited revisions and thus reflect the candid conversational style of the oral history format. Brackets and ellipses indicate where the text has been annotated or edited for clarity. The date of each interview is noted.

Established in 1996, the goal of the NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project (JSC OHP) is to capture history from the individuals who first provided the country and the world with an avenue to space and the moon. Participants include managers, engineers, technicians, doctors, astronauts, and other employees of NASA and aerospace contractors who served in key roles during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs.

These oral histories ensure that the words of these pioneers live on to tell future generations about the excitement and lessons of space exploration. Oral history interviews began in the summer of 1997, and since that time more than 675 individuals have participated in the NASA Oral History projects.

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