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I thought he was my savior. If only I’d known he was a murderer, too. 

Getting trapped in the snow was my own fault. 

For a moment, I thought I would die out there. 

So when the sexiest man I’ve ever seen pulls me back from the brink of death, 

I suppose I should be grateful. 

He takes me home, warms me up… 

…and lights a fire inside me that only his touch can heal. 

Now I’m burning with desire for Jax — 

his hands, his mouth, his body. 

I know he’s no good for me, 

but nothing can stop me from craving him. 

That is, until his past rears its ugly head. 

But by the time I learn he’s truly a monster, 

it might already be too late. 

At first, she wanted no part of me. But some kinds of darkness are hard to resist… 

I know I’m not a good guy. 

Ever since my wife died, I’ve had a single rule when it comes to women: 

One night only. 

In all these years, I’ve never broken it. 

That is, until I met Christina. 

She’s got a body like sin and a sassy mouth to boot. 

I want to f**k her until she’s hoarse from screaming my name. 

She doesn’t know I have secrets. 

She doesn’t know what I’ve done. 

And even after she discovers who I really am, it won’t matter anymore. 

She’ll have to find out the hard way: 

once you come home with me, 

there’s no going back. 

This is the Complete Monster Series by Zoey Parker.

Romantische fictie
4 december
Wild Hearts Romance

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