Monster Hunter

Morgan Meyer en andere
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When you make your living on the open road fighting monsters, love is barely in the rearview mirror.

With family lore and urban legends as their guide, hunters track banshees through bogs, exorcise demons, and try to find the best dry cleaner to get pixie dust out of their favorite jacket. 

Finding out you're fated to fall in love with the monsters you're meant to destroy is just adding insult to injury. Falling in love with your best friend who's also a monster hunter is almost as bad, and that incident with the cursed object and the succubus doesn't even bare mentioning. 

Follow these hunters in this action packed anthology filled with your favorite authors as they defend humanity from creatures that go bump in the night and find love along the way.

Authors in this collection are:

Ainsley Jaymes
Morgan Meyer
Kerry Keller
Heather D. Glidewell
Mary Duke
Raven Trix
A.V. Frost
Briana Michaels
K. Rea
Sheri-Lynn Marean
Rune Hunt
Annee Jones
Emma B. Layne
Lore Nicole
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Ever Avarice
Faedra Rose
Dove Priest
Raven Hush
Diane Jones
Rhylie Matthews
J.A. Roles
Jodie A'Lores
River Starling
Debra Elise
Dakota Brown
TK Eldridge
Mira Kane
Carmilla Quinn
C.E. Lashua

Lilith Ramsey

Romantische fictie
26 september
Rhetoric Askew, LLC

Meer boeken van Morgan Meyer, Ainsley Jaymes, Kerry Keller, Heather D. Glidewell, Mary Duke, Raven Trix, A.V. Frost, Briana Michaels, K. Réa, Sheri-Lynn Marean, Rune Hunt, ANNEE JONES, Lore Nicole, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Ever Avarice, Faedra Rose, DOVE PRIEST, Raven Hush, Diane Jones, Rhylie Matthews, Jodie A'Lores, J.A. Roles, River Starling, Debra Elise, Dakota Brown, T.K. Eldridge, Mira Kane, Carmilla Quinn, C.E. Lashua & Lilith Ramsey