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This is the Monster Mayhem BUNDLE clocking in at 19,000 words and containing four hot monster stories at a 60% discount!

The Alien's Dairy Queen: Lexi's Injections - (Alien Monster Erotica)

After a punishing fight with her husband, pregnant Lexi seeks solace on a cool evening stroll only to find out she's not alone. An alien monster takes her to his rundown world and uses her for her milk. When the alien's children wake and demand to be fed, all hell breaks loose and Lexi must confront her deepest fears.

conTROLL - (Troll Erotica)

The worst part of all? Eva didn't want to go to the cabin her father rented in the first place.

During her first night at the cabin, Eva wakes up and finds herself drawn to the forest where she encounters a horde of trolls. After a relentless, no-holes-spared onslaught, she returns to her bedroom to find her body undergoing rapid changes, and that she's been beguiled by voices that refuse to leave her alone, driving her to madness to satisfy them.

The Devil's Bargain (Demon Erotica)

After a night of heavy drinking, Stef throws caution to the wind and gets behind the wheel. She loses control of her car and then loses her life. Her soul is taken to the depths of hell where the Devil confronts her about her sins. She begs him for another chance, for forgiveness; she'll do anything to live another day. Anything!

Creamed By Cave Creatures (Cave Monster Erotica)

Lina had waited four years to enter this cave, and her doctorate depended on it. But the deeper she goes, the scarier it gets, until a horde of cave monsters have their way with her... in the dark.

Warning, this bundle clocks in at around 19,000 words, not including excerpts. It contains erotic scenes that you have to read to believe. This title is for mature audiences only!

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17 november
Supernova Erotica

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