Mummies, Masks & Superpowers‪!‬

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Mummies, Masks & Superpowers is a collection of superhero themed short stories intended to be enjoyed in a single afternoon. These tales have previously been featured in print anthologies, podcasts, and more. They are collected here for the first time in a single volume.

In 'Origin Story' a desire for ‘real’ danger twists the emergence of new superpowers.

In 'In the Defense of Mummies: By Doctor Genocide' a veteran super-villain pontificates on proper henchmen selection.

In 'I Reach Behind my Utility Belt for my Tools: Garrote, Ka-Bar, Glock' a government agent sidekick compensates for the limitations of his superhero’s ‘problem solving.’

In 'Dr. Genocide and the Five Stages of Grief' an unexpected success leads a super-villain into depression and despair.

And finally in 'Field Exercise' two trainee superheroes have to learn to work together if they’re ever going to be cleared for active duty.

Praise for J.M. Perkins’s work:

“Perkins' inventive short fiction is a blast: it's fresh and contemporary…” Zothique - Amazon Reviewer

“With his restless imagination and incisive intellect, J. M. Perkins brings something almost wholly unique to the table of genre fiction. All of his work, even his fantasy tales and gaming excursions, edge into science fiction of a distinctive stripe — because his preferred science is the ‘dismal science’ of economics. His acute perceptions of the transactions and exchanges of everyday existence imbues virtually everything he writes with a revealing new perspective on the complex Über-Game that we call Human Life.” – Steve Dandois – Canyon Design Group

“I can give these stories one of the highest compliments I know of: I did not want them to end.” Lisa M. Breakey - Amazon Reviewer

“One of our favorite writers…” -Robert Heminger – The Avalon Game Company

“J.M. Perkins is superlative.” – Brett Jackson – Creator, BEDTIME FOREVER

Sciencefiction en fantasy
23 juni
J.M. Perkins

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