Murder in the Nudist Colony Murder in the Nudist Colony

Murder in the Nudist Colony

Ted Bun en andere
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Early in 2020, naturist fiction author P. Z. Walker had the idea for a collection of mystery stories to be called "Murder in the Nudist Colony," deliberately using the antiquated term "nudist colony" for a slightly retro, humorous touch. On social media platforms, mostly Twitter, other folks associated with the fine network of naturist authors chimed in. Ted Bun put together the call for submissions, Robert Longpré set up the page to share documents as well as the ISBN, Fabien Barabé designed the cover… and we've ended up with fifteen submissions within a relatively quick timeframe. Will Forest and Ted Bun volunteered to edit. The project has been a strong example of an online community working together!

And, this collection has it all! 

Stories set all over Europe and the Americas and beyond? Check.

Naked murder victims? Check.

Oddly clothed murder victims? Check.

Victims murdered at the nudist resort? Check.

Victims murdered elsewhere and then brought to the nudist resort? Check.

Nudist murderers? Check.

Non-nudist murderers? Check.

Gendarmes, constables, cops and miscellaneous support folks who have to get naked to do their jobs at the nudist resort? Check.

Same, but who choose to get naked at the nudist park? Check.

And a long list of etceteras – you get the idea: theme and variations. It all makes for a very entertaining read! And of course, like any good collection of mysteries, there are red herrings, bizarre details, spectacular suspense, gruesome finds, intriguing characters, oddly plausible motives, and much, much more!

Get ready to be knocked off your bare bottom by some stellar stories!

All earnings from this book will be donated to our charity Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)

Detectives en thrillers
21 juni
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