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Chased by a frightening, naughty demon, Martha Smith runs screaming out onto the street in the middle of the night. But when billionaire, demon whisperer, Sebastian Breedlove comes to the rescue, Martha finds herself falling ever so deeper for the man of her dreams.[WARNING: This 5000 word erotic story contains explicit scenes, graphic language, oral sex, billionaires, an alpha male, an annoying demon and more! Adults only.]Excerpt:Martha's cheeks grew blisteringly redder by the second.Sensing danger, Beelzebub wisely made its exit, disappearing into a puff of thin air."Now that he's gone, are you still angry?" Sebastian crooned as he suddenly held Martha in his soulful embrace."N-not really." Martha sighed, feeling her prior anger dissipate from her body with each passing second."Wonderful. I apologize on Beelzebub's behalf, so will you be able to get a good night's sleep now?""I don't know, that depends on whether you're here with me. Come to think of it, why did you show up as suddenly as you did? Are you stalking me?""Martha, no! I -""Then?" Martha raised a curious, suspicious eyebrow as she buried her nose in his shoulder."Beelzebub was with me before… before he was with you." Sebastian said quietly."Go on…""I told him how…" Now his voice got really quiet. "How enchanting you are.""Oh? Really now!" A flush of pride hit Martha as she suddenly found herself holding onto the man of her dreams even tighter. "I like where you're going with this.""That's nice. Because in the spirit of mischief, Beelzebub just said that he wanted to see for himself what I mean by enchanting.""That's how he ended up in mine -""Yes, before I could even react , he disappeared in his usual puff of smoke. I couldn't have stopped him if I tried.""At least you were here when you were needed.""Thankfully. I shall give Beelzebub a stern talking-to later.""Later? Don't you mean now?" Martha asked.Just what could be more urgent than restraining a goddamned demon?"Nah, later." Sebastian smiled, his hands gliding over the fabric of Martha's negligee, stroking her smooth skin underneath, tantalizing her senses. "I have more important things on my mind now."Now who's the dense one? Martha shrugged off the thought as she smiled back, plunging her lips onto Sebastian's.

Fictie en literatuur
2 november
Annabel Bastione

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