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There is something off about Mr. Breedlove, and Martha Smith definitely noticed. But she's a mere secretary, her world and his are too different for her to pry. So when Martha finds the wallet that he dropped, she seizes this opportunity to find out more about her intensely sensual boss. Little does she expect Mr. Breedlove to harbor secrets so unbelievable she can't help but fall deeper for him![WARNING: This 4600 word erotic experience contains explicit language, graphic scenes, hot sex, an alpha male, oral sex, anal sex, paranormal experiences and more! Adults only.]Excerpt:"What the hell is that?" she shouted, more confused and fascinated than anything else."That, my dear, is quite literally a portal to hell.""Shut it off, dammit! I can't see!""You barged into my domain unannounced and uninvited. Why should I change these circumstances to suit your needs?""Because!" Martha couldn't think of a good answer (or any answer at all), but she knew she could not concede."Puny human." The same demonic voice not of this world rang in Martha's ears as the portal disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.Martha could see clearly again. She cautiously took her hand away from her face."What are you?" She asked in puzzled amazement. That portal was unlike anything she had ever seen, and for a nihilist like herself, this was absolute proof of everything against her beliefs."What do you think?" Mr. Breedlove winked, his voice normal again. As the markings on the ground disappeared, he stood up, walked over to where Martha was and pulled her up."I think you're either a demon, or someone who summons them.""In a way." Mr. Breedlove flashed Martha a small, rare smile. The first she had ever seen him wear. "So do you believe?""I do now." Martha breathed, entirely aware of how close Mr. Breedlove was to her. More blood rushed to fill her cheeks as she grew understandably embarrassed in his presence."I've noticed you as much as you've noticed me, Martha, even if I pretend not to.""Really?""Absolutely.""Swear that you won't tell anyone about me, about this, and I'm yours." Mr. Breedlove leant in to whisper. His voice ran over Martha's body, teasing her into submission.

Fictie en literatuur
12 oktober
Annabel Bastione

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