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Learn How To Ace The FDNY Exam!

Learn how to pass the New York City Firefighter Exam and become one of New York's Bravest. The New York City Firefighter Exam Review Guide includes practice questions and instruction on how to tackle the specific subject areas on the New York City Firefighter Exam. Network4Learning has found the most up-to-date information to help you succeed in the FDNY Exam. Following a recent lawsuit filed on behalf of minority firefighter candidates, the FDNY was forced to completely change their exam. The new FDNY exam is a perplexing combination of video segments and reading passages unrelated to firefighting. The New York City Firefighter Exam Review Guide helps you prepare for the FDNY Exam by reviewing only the material found on the actual FDNY Exam. By cutting through anything unnecessary and avoiding generic chapters on material not tested, our FDNY Test Prep Guide makes efficient use of your time. Our authors are experienced teachers who are constantly taking civil service exams and researching current methods in assessment. This research and experience allow us to create guides that are current and reflect the actual exam questions on the New York City Firefighter Exam beautifully. This New York City Firefighter Exam Review Guide includes sections on:
Insider information about the FDNY ExamAn overview of the FDNY TestHow to Overcome Test AnxietyTest Preparation StrategiesExam Subareas and Practice QuestionsVideo SegmentFDNY Exam Operations Manual SegmentDeductive ReasoningInductive ReasoningNumber FacilityMathematical Reasoning“Background Information Survey” (Also known as the psychological portion of the FDNY Test)FDNY Exam specific Glossary
Our mission at Network4Learning is to provide the most current and useful information. We tirelessly research and write about exams- providing you with the most useful review material available for the FDNY Firefighter Exam. 

4 april
Lewis Morris

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