Beschrijving uitgever

Henry Bates had a very reclusive life, until one day the constant nagging from his wife made him snap, and things started dying. All Henry wanted was to enjoy his retirement like any normal hard working man, but his wife had other plans and retirement wasn't one of those.

One day when Henry was relaxing by the fire, his wife Marjorie came up to him and said "Henry, I thought I told you to take out the trash, sweep the floor and clean out the attic. This isn't a hotel and just because you have retired I'm not going to watch you lay around while things need to be done."

Marjorie went on and on for hours as Henry would get up from his recliner and do as she commanded, but as Henry tried to please his wife, the nagging still persisted.

Henry said "That's it!"

"That's what?" asked Marjorie.

Henry shouted, "You'll see!”

"Henry, get back here this instant," yelled Marjorie.

Henry went into the garage and grabbed a shovel. As Marjorie was pointing her finger and calling him names, Henry swung the shovel, hitting her upside the head and Marjorie hit the floor. Henry knew if she got up off the floor she would have him arrested for assault and battery and attempted murder, so Henry said to himself, "What am I going to do?" as he was pacing back and forth in the kitchen. Henry decided to finish her off.

Fictie en literatuur
28 maart
Drac Von Stoller

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