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While waiting on divorce papers, Jeff decides to set up a profile on a popular and free online dating website.The results are terrible. His soon-to-be ex-wife shows up on the "viewed you" screen. He also starts receiving a bunch of messages from a rather pushy woman with a user ID of Tigress11026. He ignores her. One day, she recognizes and ambushes him in a bookstore and sparks fly.

WARNING: This 4000+ word short story contains graphic and explicit depiction of sex between an older woman and a younger man. It is intended only for mature and adult readers over the age of 18.


Before I closed the window, I opened the People Who Viewed You option and gagged on my coffee. A nervous twitch developed my fingers, and I could feel my stomach literally turn. Two photos stared back at me. There were Tigress11026’s red eyes and blurry face, and then there was a picture of Sue, complete with her long and straight brown hair and her sweet, sweet smile. As much as we had mutually fallen out of love with each other, I felt myself getting slightly mad and jealous. I had to get up and walk away. I stormed out of my house, sat on a bench in front of my apartment building, and puffed on a cigarette or two. I resolved to delete my Plenty of Friendly Faces account.
Days passed, and I never got around to taking my profile down. Oddly enough, Tigress11026 kept sending me messages. All of them were like, “Why are you not responding????” Eventually, I stopped reading them and started deleting them as soon as they came in. Finally, she got a clue and the messages tapered off. Only, that’s when things really got interesting.

About a week and a half went by. I needed to get out for a bit, and so I decided to go to the book store, get a cup of coffee, and browse without buying anything. I was around the photography section, partly because there was a coffee table book about architecture that I found interesting. There was a woman in the section, but I was too engrossed to notice at first.

“Excuse me,” she said, “Are you GrafixD_456 on Plenty of Friendly Faces?”

I looked up from my book. I wasn’t horrified, or anything. Plenty of people use online dating, so there was nothing really to be ashamed about. The woman looked older than me, but she still had a trim frame that suggested she took very good care of herself. Her long dark hair had flowing curls, and she had cute face with high cheek bones and a few wrinkles around her eyes. Something about her seemed vaguely familiar. I looked her in the eyes and gave a wry smile. “Yeah. And?”

She crossed her arms and glared at me. “Why haven’t you answered any of my messages?” She gave turned up her nose sarcastically. “I just hate being ignored! Ha-rumph!” She blew out a bit of air that lifted some of her bangs. “There’s a table over there, so let’s get to chatting, Mr. Man.”

So, this was the infamous Tigress11026 I had been ignoring online. I decided to have coffee with her for two reasons: I’m very attracted to sarcastic women, and I doubt she would take no for an answer ...

Fictie en literatuur
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