Origami: The Ultimate Origami Guide - Master Origami in 2 hours. Learn Origami with 20 Step by Step Projects that Inspire You

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Are you interested in learning the elegant and eye-catching Japanese art of Origami but are unsure of where to start?  Does the thought of learning on your own seem daunting or overwhelming?  Have you attempted to make Origami designs in the past but felt it was too difficult or frustrating?  Are you looking to learn something new and unique?  Look no further!  In this instructional, easy to understand instructional book, you can learn how to master all of the delicate folds and shaping techniques that Origami entails.  Complete with pictures, full descriptions and step-by-step explanations, you will find yourself learning fast and forgetting any past frustrations or difficulties.  With the help of this book, you too can learn how to make Origami art!

When learning something new, the biggest obstacle (and usually biggest complaint) is that the learning process is frustrating, time consuming, complicated and hard to understand.  Origami is no different!  While much of Origami requires confusing folds, complex shaping and strange bending of the paper, this book takes away those worries!  With the help of this book and it’s step-by-step and carefully explained instructions you can learn at your own speed and with the help of concise teaching and pictures.

This book includes:

-Step-by-step instructions with careful explanations and descriptions

-Color pictures

-Basic introduction to fundamental Origami folds

- Tools used in Origami

-10 very simple, beginner Origami projects to learn the basics

-5 novice Origami projects to broaden your knowledge

-5 Origami projects that will add a challenge

-Tips and tricks of Origami

-How to avoid possible frustrations with Origami

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