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Have you ever wanted to overcome your fears of success, poverty, or doubt? If so you should study the teachings of the apostle Paul. He instills confidence within, focuses one to think about the saving power of Christ and his divine mission on earth, and encourages one to keep the commandments of his father in Heaven. Paul taught if we love God than we strive to keep his commandments. The love of God changes our lives. We become new. Paul said silver and Gold were dung to him and his mind was upon completing the work of the Lord. He did not seek worldly praise and often wished that his action would not bring him fame. Instead, he taught that word of God was accompanied by the Spirit of God that the Holy Ghost provided comfort, teaching, and instruction that the word prepared for. Paul like Peter raise individuals from the dead. You can be raised from spiritual death by reading the teachings of Paul. I hope as you read the words of Paul that your heart is strengthen, your resolve to follow Christ increased, and you dedication of your life to being a disciple of Christ, magnified. Jesus is the Savior of the world. He died for all mankind. His grace is sufficient to save. He rose from the grave as the first fruits of the resurrection. He is the light of the world. He is your friend.

Religie en spiritualiteit
26 november
David Nishimoto

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