Pentatonic Scales: Master the Fretboard Quickly and Easily & Sound Like a Pro, In One Hour (Or Less‪)‬

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Do YOU Know Your Scales? Are You Sure..?

I spent 9 years playing guitar, even getting to a high level, without knowing my scales backwards and forwards. I was actually embarrassed when I jammed with others. It turns out that I focused too much on technique instead of theory.
So I dropped everything and created a never-before-seen system that would go on to help me master my scales. Now, I play them backwards and forwards. 
Today only, get the new 'Guitar Pentatonic Scales' ebook.
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or other devices!

You’re about to discover how to play four scales anywhere on the fretboard: 

- The natural major
- The natural minor
- The major pentatonic, and
- The minor pentatonic 

You will be able to look down at your fretboard, and instead of looking at it with confusion, you'll be able to play your scales anywhere you'd like.

When your friend plays a chord, you'll be able to play over that chord anyway you'd like. 

You'll also be able to jump between the natural and pentatonic scales. 

These skills form the basis to every other skill related to improvisation on the guitar. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

- Learn how these four basic scales are connected 
- Learn five basic building blocks that make it so very easy to learn all scales.
- Jump around the fretboard, both upwards and sideways 
- Learn how scales are connected to chords 
- Discover how the CAGED system is intimately connected to these four scales 
- Learn how to convert one type of scale into another at will 
- Tons of charts, for both left-handed and right-handed players 
- Much, much more!

Can you honestly say that you can do all these things?

If yes, show this to a friend. If not, then...

Download your copy today!
Don't leave your guitar playing to chance!
Take action today and download this book! Jump around the fretboard, both upwards and sideways

This book is part of a series that teach guitar technique, theory, improvisation, and eventual mastery.

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26 maart
Dan Amerson

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