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The infant Church of the Day of Pentecost provided a new model of ministry and is a challenge to our modern ritual, dogma, and liturgy. Its reactive energy is compelling.

John Duncan offers us 15 features of this church, which began a worldwide movement of the freedom of faith against religiosity and oppression. By its energy, empires, damaging customs, and wickedness were overcome.

John explores the challenge of today's church in gathering that energy of the early church as we all seek the means of overcoming evil, tyranny, and despair.

Be prepared to let go of sacred conventions and take hold of new empowering discipleship. "I have known John (Jack) Duncan for nearly thirty years and, as such, I can say that I know him personally. The writing of this book Pew Tenders Arise: A Manifesto of Faith is grounded in years of study and observations. The book is laid out in such a way that it is easily understood, yet it is dramatic in its content. The reader is challenged with scriptural references that cannot be easily ignored or dismissed. We are forced to examine ourselves and our choices. This is a must-read which I would highly recommend."

Winston Sinclair

Bible teacher and Church Elder "John (Jack) Duncan has a lifetime of experience in local churches and para-church organizations. That experience has allowed him to do laser-like diagnosis of why local churches have become moribund and are in decline. His book Pew Tenders Arise: A Manifesto of Faith advocates a powerful response to his diagnosis. Local churches have remained the same for hundreds of years, and change is essential to their survival, let alone the spiritual wellbeing of those inhabiting them. Tinkering with paradigms will do nothing to improve relevance and effectiveness. Local churches must revisit what Jesus said and then visit the culture in which they exist, perhaps for the first time. A disruptive challenge will result as John points out. Revisiting the words of Jesus and our Western culture will change things if a few believers respond." Graham Baugh

Former Pastor and Canadian Attorney

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29 november
Austin Macauley Publishers

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