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I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up in a heritage home on the outskirts of London, England and had a fairly privileged childhood. However, there are some things that money can’t buy, and I learned that at the tender age of five. My birth mother walked out on our family, never to return again… or so I thought.
Twenty-five years later, I was a relatively successful art enthusiast, carrying on a branch of my father’s hobby-turned- business in Toronto. Coming from a wealthy, countryside home, I was determined to make it on my own in the big city. As such, I now live in a low-rise apartment building with a sweet, old lady for a landlord, whom I lovingly call “Nana.” Ken, my only friend and confidante, who also enthusiastically took on the title of being my personal yellow pages book, took me out to bars fairly frequently in hopes of increasing my social circle. One drunken night, I found myself lying in a hospital bed, but how could I have been in two places at once?! I was with a girl, inhumanly beautiful, in a strange place at the same time as the car crash. She wasn’t an ordinary human girl. In fact, she wasn’t human at all. There were others like her, camouflaging with the human species; hidden heroes, silent guardians. And I was about to be recruited as one of them. My life has changed forever!

Sciencefiction en fantasy
16 augustus
Sheena Nathanael