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Poodle Training Vol 3 – Taking care of your Poodle

Nutrition, common diseases and general care of your Poodle

Taking care of a dog is often ...
... underrated and regarded as being unnecessary.... only related to the grooming of the fur.... completely neglected by many owners.
What is really important about the care of your Poodle and how do you feed him properly? How can you recognise diseases and parasites early and, if possible, even prevent them?

If you want to know how and how often to check on your Poodle's eyes, ears, teeth, paws, fur and skin, this guidebook is exactly right for you. You will learn what to watch out for. You will also learn what to watch out for when you buy commercially prepared food and what the advantages and disadvantages are of the various alternative methods of feeding, such as home-cooked, BARF or vegetarian or vegan feeding. In addition, you will discover everything you need to know about vaccinations and castration to help you decide whether they are right for you and your Poodle.

This is volume three of the Poodle training guides.
Volume 1 for your Poodle puppy is also available with the title "Poodle Training: Dog Training for your Poodle puppy".
Vol. 2 for your grown up Poodle is also available with the title "Poodle Training Vol. 2: Dog Training for your grown-up Poodle"

The author Claudia Kaiser says about her book:

"I love my dogs and know what is important to watch out for regarding their nutrition and general care. Many owners underestimate how important it is to find out more about what you are feeding your dog. Many owners also underestimate the time it takes to care for his physical wellness and how important it is to recognise disease or parasites early. These things add enormously to the quality of life and happiness of your dog."

Read about background information, read reports on others' experiences and obtain step-by-step instructions and secret tips which are tailor-made for your Poodle.

Get your copy of this book today and discover ...
... How to feed your Poodle in a healthy way consistent with his breed.... How to examine him to recognise disease early and to ensure his correct care.... And all that without having any previous experience in that area.
Additionally, you will receive a special chapter about "Cooking your own dog food"!

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