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Number 4 in this hot, unprotected series


The Builder's Apprentice Didn't Pull Out
He Didn't Pull Out on New Year's Eve
The Ex-Con Didn't Pull Out

The Builder's Apprentice Didn't Pull Out

Penny has never been lucky in love, despite her repeated attempts. She would love to get married and have children one day, but no-one seems to want her. That's until a freak wind sends a rotten elm tree crashing through her thatched roof, and she has to hire a labouring team to fix it. She falls for the builders apprentice, and when she finally gets him on his own, she convinces him to fix her!

He Didn't Pull Out on New Year's Eve

Hayley's parents still treat her like a child, even though she's 18. On New Year’s Eve, instead of letting her go to her friend’s party, while they go to a charity ball, they invite a friend from work over to keep an eye on her. Hayley is furious and wants to get back at her parents. She's going to seduce her dad's friend and get him to fix her up!

The Ex-Con Didn't Pull Out

Lola wants nothing more in life than to get pregnant and start a family. She's got a thing for bad boys, and when an ex-con moves into the house next door, she can't wait to get to know him. She invites herself over one afternoon to try and seduce him, but is quick to learn that if she wants him to play her game, she has to agree to his kinky demands first.

Fictie en literatuur
14 december
Tabitha Cole

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