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The four hot studs on the baseball team wanted one thing, to have one woman in Vegas and that woman was me.

There were a couple of issues...
#1 I found a phone in the library, not anyone else's phone but Amanda's. The girl that had tortured me throughout uni.
#2 The four hot studs happened to be texting Amanda, not me.
Their text exchanges were so naughty, and despite myself, I started to feel hot as I read through the thread. At one point, I crossed my legs to ease the ache building between them, but that only made the feeling worse.

Michael was the leader, the one that talked about all the things that he could do with his hands, and it made me want his hands to own me. Daniel was the sensitive one, the type that wanted to touch every part of my body and not with his hands.
Tristan, text the same thing, while Daniel would use one part of his body, Tristan promised to use the other.
As for Adam, he was all types of naughtiness. He didn't hide his thoughts, making my windows get steamy whenever I read his messages.

It was a fantasy far beyond anything I'd ever imagined, but now that it was in my head, I knew that I'd never forget it.
I couldn't resist the urge to let them do all the things that they'd promised in their texts.

Romantische fictie
7 februari
Sarwah Creed

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