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Tiffany and Bet, Sam and Louise, Fiona, Mistress Madeline and her slaves are engaged in steamy adventures in the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington.
Tiffany and Sam are long term lovers - bored with each other. Louise longs for a Dominant Mistress - will she find the woman she dreams of? Bet longs for her first lover, he is a politician now - dare she contact him again? Fiona is happily single - then a bearded hippy-style guy starts giving her flowers - why?

Fantasies come true, hearts are broken, relationships dissolve. Delicious and sexy, often borrowed and never returned.

Second book in the trilogy by best-selling New Zealand erotica author Christine Leov Lealand. For 14 years a best-seller in the Antipodes. Find out what women have been enjoying in Australia and New Zealand.

Warning – Consensual BDSM and GLBT sexual scenes are a feature of this book.

"This book delivers the same steamy style that Harlequin romance was once famous for. Good sexy scenes wrapped up in a dramatic story told from a woman's point of view. I bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it so much she bought the other 2 novels by this author. Good reading for a plane ride or a Sunday afternoon." Amazon review.

“Read this is if you like sexy arousing, disturbing, female oriented, true to the emotions fiction. The fact is this was just so close to the truth for me. I know those emotions, I have felt them and lived them. You can read this book if you are either shallow or strong, but I recommend it to anyone who has lived, laughed, loved and suffered.” Amazon review.

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