Religion from Tolstoy to Camus

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First published in 1961, this volume brings together basic writings and religious truths and morals from a wide range of sources.

Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Plus II, Leo XIII, Nietzsche, James, Royce, Wilde, Freud, Niemöller, Barth, Maritain, Tillich, Schweitzer, Buber, Camus, and others, all have sought the religious truth about man, and have in the last three quarters of our century made great contributions to religious thought, critical often of the accepted and fashionable religion of their day, but greatly concerned to purify religion as they understood it.

Dr. Waller Kaufman, of Princeton University, who has already written extensively on philosophy and religion, supplies an editorial and critical note for each of his subject, thus providing valuable continuity and evaluation.

Such a book as this deserves a place in all libraries, public and private, so that it will be possible to quote these men from knowledge, rather than hearsay many times removed from the original.

“The point is not to win friends for religion, or enemies, but to provoke greater thoughtfulness. Here are texts that deserve to be pondered and discussed. Some of them I have criticized in other volumes; in such cases, the references are given. But in the present book nothing is included merely to be disparaged, nor is anything offered only to be praised. The hope is that those who read this book will gain a deeper understanding of religion.”—Walter Kaufmann, Preface

Religie en spiritualiteit
31 juli
Papamoa Press

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