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Let's have some sexy fun!

Revenge Against My Cheating Husband: Do you know how it feels to look into the eyes of the man you love and see nothing but boredom?

Sick of being ignored and unloved by her husband of two years, Kate sets out to get revenge. She's always taken care of her husband's sexual needs, and now it's time for her to have her needs taken care of.

She invites over three of the hottest studs she knows, each of them happy to help her. The gang bang that ensues is one that changes her life- and her husband's life- forever.

A Humiliating Lesson: Talia's let her relationship fall apart again. She's been treating Max like crap, yelling at him and refusing to have sex with him. When he gets fed up, he calls in some friends and designs an addition for her dildo bike.

One last argument throws Max into action. Talia either has to move out or put up with some public humiliation with a motorcycle gang. In the end, Talia puts on a hot show for the men and learns to respect her boyfriend like she should.

This hot erotic short includes a cumslut being f****d by her boyfriend in front of many men, bukkake, public sex, anal sex, and a dildo bike.

A Bicycle Orgy: Max and Talia are living happily now, no more huge arguments and no more withholding sex. When Talia receives an invitation to a bike ride that she and Max are required to attend, she expects it to be a normal charity event. Oh, how wrong she is.

Instead she finds a kinky, bisexual, slutty dildo bike ride, where the men and women are both f****d by their bikes. In the end, Talia and Max are thrown into an orgy that will change their lives forever.

This 3000 word story includes graphic dildo use, oral sex, bisexuality and kinky sex scenes.

Fictie en literatuur
28 september
Midnight Climax Bundles

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