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This book combines the epic adventures of Michael, Lindsey and Megan and the e-robots reuniting with Michael’s father, Henry Parker, and his mother, Penny. The story takes the reader into the thought processes and reinforced learning goals and policies of the cyberbrain (based on artificial intelligence (AI) on the cutting-edge) which controls all commerce on the internet. The cyberbrain does more than monitor transaction security, it controls humans like lab rats and leans toward treating humanity like a virus.  It gives one possible vision of a nasty future using AI among humans on earth.

Positron protests slavery under the evil reign of the cyberbrain and departs for the underworld of a cave of steel at the bottom of the ocean. Free from the tyranny of the cyberbrain, the Positron family society lives life on the vast and quiet sea floor. Giant oceanic dinosaurs roam the deep (remnants of the Jurassic Reboot—see the author’s earlier book to learn more.) These monsters of the deep, even though menacing, are not as dangerous as Akshay’s AI robot, the cyberbrain. Akshay wants to do the right thing, but his father, Arthur, influences him to build the tyrannical machine. Torn between the morality of freedom and the fear of power, Akshay does the wrong thing--he builds the machine and the natural language processor to talk to it.  It is a standalone beast that can’t be turned off.

Michael and Scott Harrison travel back in time to visit the ancient temple of Karnak on a quest to understand man's purpose. They walk through the ancient structure and learn many truths about man’s creation, purpose, and eventual destiny. The time travel adventure serves its purpose of building perspective and gaining knowledge.  This adventure intertwines with other time travelers on their missions.

This story provides insights into the world of the e-robots from their perspective and how they interpret man’s relationship with God, their lack of humanity, and what it means for the things they can build, their purpose, their utility and the influence of the errant concept of evolution on their united intellect.  We learn why they adopt the symbol of the dragon, what it signifies to their combined e-robot intellect and society despite their true purpose being to serve man.

We learn more about how time travel works and how it doesn’t.  We learn about what works in government and what doesn’t.  The president takes steps to fix government and its finances.  We can learn to apply these principles in our lives today.  We also learn what it takes to fight a war against a military-industrial complex that is well-funded, using AI technology sampled from previous books by this author.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
23 april
David Nishimoto

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