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This anthology covers my early years writing romantic-erotica as I sought to discover my lost sexuality. It covers the time when I thought I was just in a drought - albeit a fifteen year drought, but just a temporary pause just the same. Long before I knew what I was experiencing even had a name.

During those early years, after recognizing I was lacking a normal sex drive (hell, my ride didn't even seem to have a motor, let alone four-on-the-floor), it was suggested I explore various sexually charged scenarios to see where my, ahem, "interest" might be found. So with my husband's encouragement (and many naughty nights and mornings of explicit pillow-talk), I set about to write down some of these discussions to better evaluate why nothing was getting my juices flowing.

Of course, just because I typed it out, it didn't mean I could write it from my point of view (POV) - in fact, four of the stories were so far out of my comfort zone, I had brain-lock and couldn't even get the general idea down without a complete freeze-up of the mental mechanisms. Because I'm a trooper (truth alert: I'm a 'trooper' because I got freaking tired of him laying on my tummy in the morning talking to my nipples seeing if either one of them liked the ideas and story lines I refused to hear above my neck. Often both the rotten traitors on my chest would tighten up in appreciation for the talk directed at them, while my brain kept screaming, 'No - I can't hear you - la la la!'
Until finally I would give in and say, "Fine - you can check down there - but I tell you, it's not turning me on."
Only to hear him confess to my nipples, "Holy wetness, girls! Hang on tight, she's so slicked up, she might slide out of bed any moment!"
And I'd have to listen to the sounds of my sloppy appreciation for whatever story de jour he'd tormented my conscious mind. But if I wrote the ideas out, he'd let me move on to a new story) I'd bolt from the bed to 'jot that story down,' even if it had to be from his POV. (Sorry if that was TMI - but it is an excellent example of the 'Truth and Consequences' sections of my books!)

Combining all these early works under one roof, it became Rose by Any Other Name (because THIS Rose wasn't going to claim having written those four stories, that's for sure!) - so glancing down our happy little family in this anthology:

Kohl's Super Surprise (complete tease with a touch of shy humor)
Stretched (his POV) (no, please tell me my body didn't respond that much to this story)
Bare Grylls (his POV) (teasing recovery - and my apologies to the real Bear)
New Sense for Figure Modeling (more humorous teasing before...)
Bath Time for Rosie (oh my - a bit of action - from my POV even - is it a little warm in here?)
Working Up to April Fool's Day (his POV) (please tell me he didn't really!)
Rock Massage (more reality-based tease while I catch my breath)
Movie Time (getting quite a bit of action going - did I feel some response below?)
Hotel Threesome (MMF - his POV) (please excuse me while I go, uh, I mean - just, excuse me for a few minutes - no this did not turn me on that much (Brain to body: "Please... Don't... Stop... Wait? Why'd you quit? I said, "Please don't stop, you moron!"))
Braless is Better (The cold hard truth pops out onto the scene)
Raindrops on Roses ( Art Director, HSDS )
Dozen Roses ( Threesome - MFF, Vulva-Vagina Veracity )
Bigger Brother ( Episode 3 ) (Sorry - need another break here - you go ahead and finish the book without me)

And, as always, those wonderful "Truth and Consequences" tidbits on each of the stories in the main body of the collection - often whether I want to admit it or not, I try to come clean for my intrepid readers.

Give in to your curiosity - it's okay, remember? I'm HSDS - I haven't a clue what's sexy... well, unless you're laying on my belly talking to my nipples, they seem to be getting a clue. So snag a copy of "Rose by Any Other Name" and see what I'm not writing about.

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December 9
Rose Maru

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