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When klutzy Sandra stumbles into Hank Billiton, the Chairman, President and CEO of the massive, faceless corporation she works in, she never expects to be taken on the ride of her life, much less be able to finally put a face to the man behind the massive corporate empire she's in. Hank wants her and whether it's love or lust, Sandra knows she simply can't help herself!

Story Descriptions:

Sandra's Billionaire Master (Power Play BDSM Erotica)

Sandra's such a klutz in the office when she collides into a handsome guy while on her way to the pantry. She doesn't think much of it until she's kidnapped and put up in the most luxurious bedroom she's ever seen. Her captor reveals himself to be Hank, the billionaire CEO of her company and the very same guy she ran into that day! Sandra wants out. Can the dominating and ruthless Hank tame her?

[WARNING; This 4200 word erotic experience contains graphic language, explicit scenes, oral sex, anal sex, power play, bondage, authority figures, master/slave role play, bdsm, usage of erotic tools and more! Adults only.]

Sandra's Billionaire Master 2: Under His Complete Control (Power Play BDSM Billionaire Erotica)

Still reeling from the night before, Sandra sits in a daze at her office table, unable to accept that she went all the way with her billionaire CEO (and lover?) Hank. But when he calls her down to meet him in his car in the middle of the work day, Sandra realizes this is so very real. He can't take his mind of her and when he reveals his secret room of kink right in his office, will Sandra resist?

[WARNING: This 6000 word erotic experience contains explicit scenes, graphic language, anal sex, double penetration, sex with a brooding billionaire, dominating, submission, bdsm, bondage, candleplay, spanking and much more! Adults only.]

Sandra's Billionaire Master 3: In His Arms (Erotic Romance Erotica)

With her heart filled with terrible confusion, Sandra flees Hank's office and into a lift. She needs to be alone with her thoughts, maybe she's not cut out to be the billionaire's sub after all. But when the lift suddenly stops, Hank's all she can think about. And when he crashes through the ceiling to be with her, Sandra's about to discover the billionaire's romantic side, even if he denies it!

Fictie en literatuur
16 november
Annabel Bastione

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