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Genre: Pulp Science Fiction Erotica

Whether it's saving Earth with a piece of corn shoved in there, enduring the Royal Rodgering of the Penoids, being taken by her reverse gender clone, growing a penis, or satisfying a kaiju, everyone will see why Captain Future's North Am's most famous pulp fiction hero.

This 41,000+ word Pulp Science Fiction Erotica bundle set and steamy love affair to the Golden Age of Science Fiction includes five stories: 

The Corn Dildo From Outer Space
Penis Monsters of Mars
Taken By My Man Clone
Gender Bender Futa Ray
I Kinked The Kaiju

The Corn Dildo From Outer Space

What happens when aliens arrive promising superior technology if you can pass a simple test?

Is it really so simple and why is it necessary for Captain Future to stick a giant corn cob theredeep inside her?

Penis Monsters of Mars

After the events of "Captain Future - The Corn Dildo from Outer Space", Captain Future and her Space Marine boy toy take a well deserved vacation on newly terraformed Mars.

Captured by strange creatures, Captain Future must perform the traditional ceremony involving latex rubber wear, and multiple partners - The Royal Rodgering.

Can she endure the Physicality of the Penoids or is this too much for even her to take?

Taken By My Man Clone

A clone, a bone, and a mission away from home.

North-Am's most infamous adventurer (Captain Future) is back! She's saved Earth with a ear of corn, and satisfied the Penoids with the Royal Rodgering. Can she stop China's attempt at a grand clone army with nothing but her wits and sexy bits?

Gender Bender Futa Ray

When the moon's casino is destroyed by anti-technology terrorist Dr. Lou Dite, Captain Future must find him fast.

After capture, she wakes up with a strange - but familiar - hard and long new tool between her legs.

Is this a problem for her mission? Can she use what's between her legs to take down Dr. Dite and teach him a lesson he won't soon forget?

I Kinked The Kaiju

Captain Future's back and bigger than ever - thirty stories high to be exact.

After Japan's Kaiju Program literally grows out of control and threatens New Tokyo, it's up to Captain Future to rise to the occasion.

That's not the only thing rising out of the water. Good thing Captain Future likes them big.

Fictie en literatuur
16 augustus
Tabatha Houston

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