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Scottie Pippen, we can be comfortable saying, is the greatest Second Banana of all time. He came into the NBA with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, and after a few years of growing pains, became the most devastating all-around player on the entire decade of the 90s. There were many times during the Bulls’ dynasty run when Scottie destroyed teams even more than MJ did. Together, Scottie and MJ formed the most destructive defensive tandem the NBA has ever known. 

Scottie Pippen was one of those players who could pretty much do it all: Shoot, drive, dribble, pass, defend, rebound. This Signature Workout Program will focus on some of the most-used skills of one of the best “Total-Package” players ever seen:

• Leading The Break And Attacking In Transition

• Attacking The Basket In Straight Lines — 1 Or 2 Dribbles To Finish

• Shooting Off 1 Or 2 Dribbles

• Scoring In The Post 

*Always Remember: When you get into your games, you won’t need to have memorized anything from this program. The workouts are designed for you to absorb them into your muscle memory -- all of this Hoop Handbook becomes part of your game’s makeup through repetition. You will be using this stuff in ways you won’t ever need to plan again. 

This requires two things from you. 

• That you commit to putting in the work -- as much as you need, which you need to decide -- to make your skills “automatic”, in that you end up doing moves without premeditation. 

• That, when game time comes, you stop thinking so much. The physical work has been done. Get into your Mental Zone -- whatever that is and however you need to get into it -- and let instinct take over

The NBA Signature Workouts are detailed, step-by-step 30-day self-training programs created in the mold of the abilities of your favorite NBA players. They include program overviews, mental visions, also detailed textual and video demonstration of each drill and skill. designed by YouTube star (and creator of putting basketball workouts/drills/skills online) Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin. 

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26 augustus
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