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Screwed is book 1 of the Death Angels MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Screwed Fast and Screwed Hard are available everywhere now!

She tried to heal me… but I broke her first.

The crash nearly killed me.

But I've got a job to complete.

The angel nurse was only trying to do the right thing… but I needed a hostage.

So now she's coming for the ride.


A horrific crash lands me at St. Jude's Sacred Mission Hospital—and in the hands of a beautiful night nurse.

She makes it hard to imagine returning to work.

But I've got an assignment to complete—and a ruthless drug runner to kill.

No way a former Marine like me is going to let himself be outdriven…

And no way I'm going to let myself be distracted by the beautiful blond bombshell in the tight-fitting scrubs.

I'm a man who's used to taking what he wants.

So why not take her with me?

Right into the bloody, beating heart of danger.

I'm about to find out just how attentive my curvy nurse's pretty little hands can be…

And she's about to get screwed.



That's the name whispered around the E.R., the designation on the chart given to the mysterious biker who has been placed in my care.

No identification to go off of.

Only a totaled bike; the tattoo of a pure black square; and a face so handsome it could break your heart if you aren't careful.

And as it turns out, I wasn't careful enough.

Clearly, this man is bad news – the scars on his muscled chest are evidence of that.

But I find myself drawn to him all the same.

I've never let myself get in deep with a patient before…

But Midnight is about to show me just how deep he can go.

Romantische fictie
18 februari
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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