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Seduction: The Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 3
Asmodeus' Lust

Are you feeling sexy? Happy Ever After Stories are always better when they’re super sexy so if you’re looking for a page turner that will make you hot in all the right places, jump right and leave your panties at the door!

The story continues with a sinfully erotic charged Magical Romance story.

Passion ignites…
She thinks he’s a womanizer.
He thinks she is the most beautiful thing he ever laid his diamond eyes on.
All hell breaks loose when a hunky warlock gets cursed by an Archdemon. She leaves the General Anton Goodman a parting gift, an elixir of lust. Two millennia later, Asmodeus senses something new in the heart-breaking man, a possible spark of budding love.
Enter Josephina. She’s baddest, dangerous and stunningly beautiful Sister of Holy Trinity. She’s a perfect match for the diamond warlock. Smitten by the shifting beauty, his body craves only her….and his cock doesn’t work on any women.
Running for his life, he must do anything to seduce the feisty babe or else the Archdemons bitch from Hell would gladly torture and claim his soul. The Mistress of Lust’s devious ways, including using a horny wench to hold in emotional bondage is enough to make him break down in a cold sweat.
In order to break the two thousand years curse, Josephina has to declare that she loves him in return.
That’s impossible. She loathes him.
Tick-tock…Time is running out.
Seduction is the name of the game.

A sizzling story of lust versus true love.

WARNING: This ebook is super-hot with explicit scenes of sexual acts. This story contains Couples Erotica, Oral Sex, Double Penetration and a Gangbang and intended for adults only!!

This book is a standalone story that ends with a strong hook to the main characters in the next book of the series. You will enjoy it more if you read book 1 and book 2 first. Perfect for fans of strong heroines, Fantasy Romance, Shifter Romance, Fallen Angels Romance, Witches and Warlocks Romance, Angels and Demons Romance, and The Seven Deadly Sins readers.

Romantische fictie
7 juli
Bella Starz

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