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A steamy collection of twenty delicious erotic stories. Within, you will find stories from a variety of genres, all with themes of submission, tenderness, light bondage, and sexual exploration.
This collection marks the sixth year anniversary of Derendrea's first publication in the erotica genre.
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Featured Stories:
SEX CAMP SERIES - (Five Book Set) Helen explores the strange and deviant world of menage and bondage.
CRASHED IN THE OUTLANDS - An alien women must depend on four husky humans to survive a jungle planet.
SHACKLES OF THE GENIE - A djinn is trapped by an evil temptress, and his only hope of freedom is through a hunter he finds in the Arabian wilderness (M/M).
SACRIFICE TO TANGAROA - A young island woman is given to the tempest in attempt to appease the god of the sea.
SAVAGED - A woman is pursued by bandits into the wood, but then saved by a husky barbarian.
SKIN WALKER - A Native American woman is rescued from would-be kidnappers by a shape shifter.
FORGOTTEN - A young woman enters a cybernetic suit during an attack on her home. She must join with the being embedded in the suit in order to survive.
PLAIN SKIN - The eldest heir of the king is abducted and sold to barbarians, who tattoo her skin with symbols of their tribe.
THE SULTAN'S HAREM - The sultan's favorite, and least receptive slave has an unexpected guest.
FOR THE KING - Three men enter the queen's bedchamber. She has the chance to refuse, but she doesn't.
SENSITIVE - A woman with a 'sensitive personality' meets a man that sets her nerves on fire.
VALKYRIE - A young New York man rescues a creature on his way home. He hides her in his apartment, but can he hide her from her past?
A FOREST ENCOUNTER - Two traveling merchants make the mistake of staying overnight in a strange wood.
COURTSHIP - A maid lives out her fantasy with her lord.
MY BEST CUSTOMER - A drug addict tells the story of a client that treated her differently than the rest.
SEX BLITZ - Book One: The Red Spot, Helen learns more of the world of Sex Camp.

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July 6

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