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Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone; Comfort zones are a protection from the unknown.  This 7 day program is about self-discovery. As human beings choices and emotions change in an instant. Despite these gradual and ongoing changes at times we may find ourselves stuck in set behaviors, lifestyles and environments. This further creates little to no expansion in one’s life. This sort of stagnation can lead to feeling trapped with narrow insight leading to a way out. Life then becomes more of the same experiences that become our norm. Dreams, desires and passions slowly disappear becoming a haunting memory.  

This handbook compels you to notice your comfort zones even when it might be believed that there are none. Being stuck in certain comfort zones can indeed affect even the way that we age. It is essential that these bodies are fed new experiences. Cells feed off of the energy of an expansive mind. These new experiences create new neural pathways in the brain. Your brain and your body receive a message of aliveness! It says that I am not done with life; it sends a message that I have no expiration date!

What I love about this program is that you are completely in charge! This course is a road map!  You can stretch it and bend it any way you want to. It’s not a rigid series of steps! It’s you getting some focus and direction! It’s you tuning in and acknowledging the truth about how you really feel! Next it’s an opportunity to do something about how you really feel!

This 7 day course focuses on:

Establishing a starting point
How to be present
Redefining spirituality
How to commit to yourself
Examining your present mindset and overall reality
Rewriting your story/s
Redefine the idea of “taking chances”
Identifying your fears and de-crystallizing them/it
Understanding the habitual or programmed nature of your life
Override outdated habits
Determine new habits to be formed
How to design new habits/programs/patterns
How to incorporate and normalize these changes in your reality
How to observe and acknowledge your new normal

“I am working on the course; I got to level 4 and had to repeat it for several days.  I know my stuck ways”. E.A.

“Been incorporating as much steps as possible little by little each day. This course is really pushing me. The book helps in organizing what to do. Very excited with steps I have taken thus far”.


Gezondheid, lichaam en geest
1 juni
Timeline Publishing Inc

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