Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga #4‪)‬

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Have you ever loved someone who was emotionally unavailable as Angelina does? Wait until you read what lengths this man will go to in order to change that. (Don’t try this at home!)


Kallypso Masters has a way at breaking down her characters, splitting them open for all of us to see their deepest issues. We’ve known Marc had some things he hadn’t worked through in his past that were interfering with his relationship with Angelina. We started to see that in the previous book, but to see the extent of how broken their relationship really was in this book broke my heart…Somebody’s Angel was full of healing, heartbreak, love and family. It took me low, it broke my heart, it picked me back up and let me see hope. And let me feel love. That love, that bond, that deeper thread that connects the characters in this series and shows me they can all help each other. (Francesca, Under the Covers)

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I loved it! … This saga may be about the people orbiting a BDSM club at least on the surface but in reality it's about a family. Individuals who have bonded together to become something more. Beautiful and powerful!” (Shauni S., Tea and Book)

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It was well worth the wait and is probably my favorite book of the series because of the myriad of emotions it brought forth from tears and sadness to laughter and joy. I was drawn into the story from the first page and long after having finished it I am still thinking about each person and their journey to happiness… While Somebody’s Angel focuses on Marc and Angelina’s story, we are able to revisit those friends we have made in the previous books. (Robin, Sizzling Hot Books)


When Marc d’Alessio first rescued the curvaceous and spirited Italian Angelina Giardano at the Masters at Arms Club, he never expected her to turn his safe, controlled life upside down and pull at his long-broken heartstrings. Months later, the intense fire of their attraction still rages, but something holds him back from committing to her completely. Worse, secrets and memories from his past join forces to further complicate his relationships with family, friends, and his beautiful angel.

Angelina cannot give all of herself to someone who hides himself from her. She loves Marc, the BDSM world he brought her into, and the way their bodies respond to one another, but she needs more. Though she destroyed the wolf mask he once wore, only he can remove the mask he dons daily to hide his emotions. In a desperate attempt to break through his defenses and reclaim her connection to the man she loves, she attempts a full frontal assault that sends him into a fast retreat, leaving her nobody’s angel once again.

Marc finds that running to the mountains no longer gives him solace but instead leaves him empty and alone. Angelina is the one woman worth the risk of opening his heart. Will he risk everything to become the man she deserves and the man he wants to be?

ABOUT THE RESCUE ME SAGA: The books in the ongoing Rescue Me Saga are not stand-alone stories and should be read in order. Characters will recur in later books to deal with further issues in their lives as the saga continues and each book builds upon all previous ones. Sometimes main characters even need another book to help resolve major issues affecting their relationships.

CONTENT WARNING: Intended for mature adult readers not offended by profanity and graphic (but never gratuitous!) sex scenes. Due to the emotional way in which the author presents the subject matter (past and present), the books might cause triggers while reading. Please read the Author's Notes at the beginnings of each book before reading further.

Romantische fictie
22 december
Ka-Thunk! Publishing

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