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Soul Gym

A Manual for Soulful Living: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit

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Life not feeling complete? It's time to start experiencing all of your life, not just some of it.
Back Cover copy: Life is too short to wait for some day or the right and perfect time to start living the life your soul desires. The perfect and right time is now! What if nothing needed to change outside of you in order to experience life differently, even better? The biggest mistake we can make is putting all our attention and power on external conditions to give us a sense of peace, love, connection, joy and freedom. We may experience passing moments of love in relationships, joy in success with work, connection with friends and family or a sense of freedom with the increase in our finances in some way. Unfortunately, these aren't sustainable sources for the good stuff of life, as these conditions are always changing. What is sustainable? Cultivating peace, love, connection, joy, freedom, among other qualities, within ourselves and then bringing them out into our living.

In this book, you will:
Learn how to meditate so you can experience greater calm and clarity
Discover the secret of prayer and affirmation so you can feel confident moving through each day
Learn other practices to integrate your life into a rich soulful experience
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Author bio: Darrell Jones is a minister, spiritual director and mindfulness coach who brings 20 years of personal practice and over 13 years of professional experience inspiring, teaching and coaching individuals, spiritual communities and business groups to begin and maintain a life of spiritual practices to deepen connection with life.

Rev. Darrell Jones

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23 september

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