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This book will teach you how to design sounds using Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis techniques in Native Instruments FM8. With the help of interface screenshots, multiple audio examples and even videos this book delivers an ideal platform to learn a complicated synthesis technique. 

A basic understanding of FM synthesis in Native Instruments FM8 is assumed as this book does not cover theoretical concepts, just practical applications. Having said that, readers with limited knowledge in FM synthesis will also gain a lot by just following along the book and creating the sounds. There isn’t a better way to learn sound design other than actually designing sounds.

Try out the free chapter to get a feel for how this book is laid out before purchasing the entire book. Also check out my other free sound design book on Native Instruments Massive.

It is recommended to experience this book on a Mac or an iPad. You can also use an iPhone or iPod Touch but those platforms are not ideal for the way this book is formatted.

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27 augustus
Rishabh Rajan


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Very effective introduction to sound design within FM8

For its purpose - The creation of commonly used/known sounds within FM8 - this book delivers. Like the Author mentions the examples are clearly explained and simple to follow. The reasoning behind steps and concepts are explained (with pictures and audio clips) where needed and at the end of each chapter summarized shortly.

This is an ideal book for those who are already familiar/comfortable with the layout and mechanics of FM8 and want to develop a sense of what FM8 can do sound wise. The book doesn’t cover the the very core concepts of FM synthesis nor does it have to. It simply aims to develop the readers undestanding of the fundamentals, potential and practical use of FM8 with 10 practical examples.

Concidering the small pricetag and effectivenes of this book I would reccomend giving it a try.

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