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Gita tells us, we can find lasting fulfillment only by contributing to joy and fulfillment of others, in which our own joy and fulfillment are included. Salvation, Self-realization, nirvana, moksha; are just different words for same discovery of unity of all life. When we accomplish this we attain fulfillment. Anyone achieving this goal elevates consciousness of mankind. Such men not only liberate themselves they fill those they meet; with a free mind. The Lord within, whether we call him Krishna, Christ, Buddha, or Allah, is source of all power, and when we live for others in accordance with unity of all life, this power flows into our hands, enabling us to take on biggest problems facing the modern world. By learning to practice teachings of the Gita, we shall make a valuable contribution to spiritual evolution of humanity; resolve terrible civil war, raging continually within every one of us, described vividly in the Gita. Two armies in the conflict are all that is selfish in us pitted against all that is selfless in us. It is a lifelong struggle between demonic and the divine. To practice teachings of Bhagavad Gita no amount of intellectual study can be of much help, because intellectual knowledge, by its very nature, has little power to transform character, conduct, and consciousness. Meditation, and simple rules of “right” living enable us to bring timeless teachings of the Gita into our life.

Religie en spiritualiteit
1 november
Alvin Wong

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