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What do Abby Morgan, pilot, and Tyler Sloane, theater director, have in common? Siblings raising children on their own, a tendency for embarrassing accidents, and a voice deep inside asking, When will it be MY turn?

In a summer insane with activities and crises and demanding jobs, Abby and Tyler see an oasis of hope and love in each other … but crossing that desert of responsibilities and commitments might be more than they can manage. Is it a dream, or just a mirage?

Their every attempt to get to know each other fails, until in frustration Tyler decides he must stage the perfect romantic encounter if he and Abby are to ever fly off into the sunset together.


Jeannette Marshall marries Brody Evans despite the in-laws. Their love is deeper, stronger than what she feels for Nathan Lewis, her orphanage "big brother." Or so she believes. They plan on seminary and a big family -- but a year later, Jeanette returns to Tabor Heights widowed and pregnant, and driven away by her hateful in-laws.

Tabor Heights is home, her quiet shelter. With the love and support of her friends, she prepares for the birth of her son. With Nathan to be uncle to BJ, she has all she needs. Even if she sometimes wonders if she should have let Nathan persuade her to marry him instead of Brody.

Nathan realizes too late he loves Jeannette as more than a little sister. When she returns to Tabor, he puts aside his hopes for a second chance, positive she will never heal enough to love him that way. All that matters is that she and BJ are safe and happy.

Then the Evans clan comes to town, scheming and telling lies to get custody of BJ. Nathan will do anything to protect Jeannette -- but everything he tries seems to drive them further apart. Can he convince Jeannette what she means to him before it's too late?


Four short stories extending from summer vacation to the winter holidays, revolving around more residents -- and future residents -- of Tabor Heights. 

Cops and Bobbers: Officer Mike will do whatever it takes to get closer to Rec Director Trina, even put on swim trunks and help beginning swimmers at the city pool.

Troubleshooting: Jake follows Bailey to church, his first Sunday in Tabor. Hired to find an embezzler, he is dismayed to realize she is the prime suspect, and fights to prove her innocence -- before the embezzlers strike at them both.

In the Air, On the Air: Riley knows how Clark Kent felt about Superman, when Gina seems to like his radio alter-ego, Whit, more than him. What's a mild-mannered DJ to do to win the girl of his dreams?

From Turkey to Mistletoe: A nasty office trick has Jenna's Thanksgiving dinner guests cancelling -- and then sends Mitch, the new guy at work, to her door while she's still in tears. Their instant friendship grows despite office politics until Christmas, the season of miracles.

Fictie en literatuur
15 juni
Mt. Zion Ridge Press

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