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Five Rough and Reluctant Stories from Group Lesbian Sex to Gangbangs

The leader in rough erotica, Naughty Daydreams Press, explores issues of consent and desire, when lovely women feel conflict between what they want and what they shouldn’t want. Should they say, “No?” Should they let things continue? Just how far do things go when a woman’s not sure how far she wants them to?

Group sex can be thrilling and erotic, and in this collection it happens without a lot of choice in the matter. With surprising situations spiraling out of control, lovely ladies find themselves in unexpected gangbangs, first anal sex, group lesbian sex, and even threesome situations. If you’ve ever fantasized about not having control in a sexual encounter, you’ll love this collection.

1. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BOOK CLUB! (A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton

Life is going well for me, but it’s been hard to just let the whole college experience fade away. I miss the intellectual airs and the focus on literature, so I decide to find a book club. I end up at a hole in the wall bar for a poetry reading and even worm my way into a little group literature get together afterward. I never expected the readings to be so racy, and I certainly never expected four girls to decide it was time to initiate me into my first lesbian experience!

2. CAMPUS POLITICS (A Teacher/Student Reluctant Sex MMF Threesome Erotica Story) by DP Backhaus

Connie is a straight A college girl, and she can’t understand why she’s not getting the grade in her favorite class, Political Science. Professor Hodge is a legend in the subject, and his really hot teacher’s aide is great, too. Still, she just can’t seem to make it work. She decides on a meeting with the two of them to see what she needs to do. She finds out, too. In this case, an A grade means taking both guys at once in a double team sex extravaganza complete with double penetration!

3. THE NOT SO SECRET AFFAIR (A Blackmail Sex Erotic Threesome Short) by Jane Kemp

Carla has always wanted her best friend Jean’s husband Steve, and she jumps at the chance when she catches Jean in an affair with her yoga instructor. The deal is simple. Carla keeps Jean’s dark secret and in exchange for Carla’s silence, Jean will have to arrange for Carla’s first threesome sex experience, an FFM Ménage sex adventure complete with first lesbian sex, rough sex, and a big surprise!

4. THERE’S ONLY ONE HOLE WE WANT AND WE’RE ALL TAKING IT (A Rough Anal Sex Gangbang Short) by Veronica Halstead

Leah is an agent, not a model, but when there’s a scheduling conflict, she steps up to fill in the gap. She had no idea that this would find her completely restrained with a ball gag that keeps her from saying no. Five men. That’s how many will have her untouched a*****e, and that’s how many humiliate her by spraying their semen right on her face.

5. THE ANAL CLUB (A First Anal Sex with Stranger Gangbang Erotica Story) by Debbie Brownstone

Jill and her friends decide on a popular nightclub for their girls’ night out. They’re disappointed when it looks like they’ll never get past the velvet ropes, but they’re overjoyed when they’re given an opportunity to join a wealthy patron in a private club room. Of course, the patron has a number of other guests, and Jill is about to be initiated into the world of anal sex, by six or seven guys, and they’re all strangers to her!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various group sex encounters. It includes group lesbian sex, group anal sex, rough group sex, reluctant group sex, group gangbang sex, and more. It is intended for mature adults who won’t be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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21 juni
Naughty Daydreams Press

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