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Shawn Michaels is a self-made stock market millionaire who keeps a low profile. Just looking at him you would think he was just a guy from the hood with a good job. Making his money in the stock market at an early age left him needing a hobby that brought him wealth and an adrenaline rush. Not many people knew about this hobby that he took up. It kept him busy but was starting to not be as fulfilling as before. He was just going through the motions of everyday life until he saw Renee.

Renee is stuck in a dead end situationship with an overgrown dopeboy with no aspirations that didn’t involve a street corner. Growing tired of the endless cycle of cheating, late nights, off and on abuse, jealousy, and lies, she finds herself looking for a way out. She only has her friend Kelly and the love of her two sons to help her keep things together. When she keeps running into the one guy who takes her breath away and makes her burn with desire, she didn’t think things would turn out to be life-changing.

Torn between the man she’s known for years and the man who’s awakened a love she’s only dreamed of has Renee confused. Will Renee get away from her situationship before someone gets hurt behind her inability to walk away? Even if she can get away, will Shawn let Renee in before it’s too late? Take this compelling ride to see how the chips fall and if there is a rainbow after the storm.

Fictie en literatuur
20 november
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC

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